January 28th Show

Keith Lee – Author, “Out-Nordstrom Nordstrom, Creating The World’s Best Customer Service”

Mike Sanderson – Founder, Renew Private Lending

Digital Marketing Lesson – Why adding a $7 product to your business can double or triple your revenue, even if you are selling a $500 or more product or service. 

January 14th Show

Kenny Mack – Owner, Empowered Recreation

Mike Sanderson – Founder, Renew Private Lending

Getting Things Done Lesson – My Top 11 Hacks To Get More Things Done Every Day

January 7th Show

Bruce and Josh Hudson – Co-Owners of Hudson’s Portrait Design Photography Studio

Digital Marketing Lesson – Is SEO Dead? (No its not) Why SEO is just like poker and it used to be like Blackjack.

November 19th Show

Quintin T. Hardtner – Founder, PDDA.org – The Prevent Distracted Driving Association

Matt Brandenburg – VP, Wormwood SEO

Digital Marketing Lesson: How To Use Facebook The Right Way To Get More Customers

December 17th Show

Cindi Laws – VP of Business Development, Concierge Care Advisors

Digital Marketing Lesson – Facebook Marketing Checklist – The 9 Most Critical Things You Must Do To Profit From Facebook

December 3rd Show

Getting Things Done Lesson – How To Get 2 Extra Hours of Productivity in Each Working Day

November 12th Show

Beginners Guide To Launching a New Website or Blog

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October 22nd Show

Josh Hudson From Hudson Portraits and Quintin Hardter from PDDA.org.

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November 5th Show

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October 15th Show

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